Sunday, July 12, 2009


Gawd I cant believe am up at 6am on a Sunday...arrrr! I went out for some drinkies the other night and got home pretty much wasted the following morning. Ive spent the entire day sleeping and recovering from the hangover...sheeesh. :( Am suppose to meet up with Loyd and Lev for coffee yesterday but too tired to go and about.....I ordered a box of pizza instead and watched some lame war films on dvd. Unfortunately, I fell asleep in the middle of Pearl Harbor and just woke myself up to pee. So much for my supposed "weekend frolic"... *sigh* I am just being lazy these days.......

However, today I am up with a mission! hehehe.. :] Firstly, I am going shoe shopping. I saw this fantastic pair from Aldo and I wont be able to sleep if I cant have it! Then I've got to transfer some funds to my brother who's currently on his first year in uni. At 23, I decided to become noble. I am sending him to La Salle for ECE and gawd knows how much the tuition is! arrr!

Also, I'd be meeting some friends for dinner tonight. I used to participate in a political organization at school and Dexter, one of our heads just got back from Dubai. I am quite excited to see him after 5 years!! Yay!

denim shorts: American eagle; top: Greenhills; jacket: Roxy; necklace: i made it

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. I see me in that photo! heheehe
2. You look beautiful
3. Your top have is dressed for UK weather, your bottom half is dressed for PI weather! :0
4. The necklace is cooooooool...I love it :)
5. YAY xxx

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