Thursday, September 29, 2011

28 weeks or so..

Dear Ala,

Mommy can't wait to meet you. I'm dying to hold you in my arms and kiss your little toes. You have no idea how much joy you have given me. I love you. Two more months my little love... xxx I wish nothing more but for you to come out healthy and safe and bouncy. :)

You've been kicking me a LOT...but that's okay. MOmmy can handle it. Just hang in there....and you'll be out soon. I love you very much.

By the way, your Dad and I went to the beach a few weeks ago. I hope you liked our little dips and our sunbaths. When you come out, we'll do lots of beachcombing. You'll fall in love with the sea as much as your parents do. Huggies!



daisychain said...

sweetest post ever.

Shibby said...

So sweet :)

That's going to be one happy and extremely loved baby and I really wish I could share your beach adventures too!

Peace, love and happy things x


Natasha said...

This post has made me smile so much Kiki, you're going to be a wonderful Mum. I'm so happy for you! xxx

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting. Congratulations! Where are you from? The beach looks exquisite.

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