Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twenty Favorite Things

I got this from Daisy Chain Dreams.......I am totally bored at the moment. It's raining when I left home and my pants were soaked by the time I got here. :( Gee. Cozying up in bed with a good book and a soft pillow is the epitome of rainy nights....however, I'm stuck in the office now dealing with a bunch of idiot heads and still got 2 days to endure before weekend...........I cannot wait.

1. Colour: Im into Magenta or any shade of pink at the moment. I also love earthy hues..

2. Dessert: There's only one dessert I am not tired of eating and that would be Graham cake with mango fillings....I could finish about 5 servings in one sitting.....hahahahahahahha!! :P

3. Smell: Butter, fresh ground coffee, "just-showered" smell.... tommy girl!

4. Flower: uhhh...i dunno...water lily??

5. Animal: I had a pet turtle named Donatello and I have a phobia with rabbits and cats..

6. Month: March and April......summertime in the Philippines. :) yippie!

7. Beverage: Coke, smooothies...

8. Shoes: sneakers; flip flops... It's the comfiest thing in the world.

9. Snacks: Anything I can get my hands to....heheheh..

10. Songs: favorite song at the moment...

11. Books: the recent ones Ive read would be the Twilight Saga...heheheh..

12. Fruit: I love fruities! Give me anything and I'll eat it..

13. Hairstyle: I love Bangs/fringes....should you need a major revamp on your hairstyle, fringes are the best way to do it.

14. Pieces of Clothing: Arrr...hmmm...probably shorts and vest tops. In this country, that's the easiest thing to put on. Im also into skirts and dresses lately. :) YAyyy!

15. Stores to Shop: I love Outdoors-ey shops (TNF)...vintage stores...funky shops..Topshop, People Are people, etc..

16. Season: In the Philippines, we only have 2 seasons....summer and rainy....soooooo Tropic! :)) hahaha! But one day....i'd love to experience winter snow! Yaaayyy!!

17. Hobbies: Blogging, Hiking, crafting, walking around pretending to be

18. Things to collect: Flip flops, paper bags, fluffy rugs..

19. Movie: hmm...not a hardcore flick fan, however, I love watching tv series on a marathon....I buy dvd's and watch them non stop on my rest days! :)

20. Restaurants: ahhh....Im not tooo picky with restos for as long as they cook good and they serve good... :) But I like italian cuisine..

Wow! what a nice way to kill time. lol! :0 Thanks to Laura of Daisy Chains for posting this one.

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