Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Popsicles and sunshine

Ola! I picked up Migs from school today.. :] Yay! He's already in prep and I was thrilled to see his new girlfriend, Ayumi. Lol. Cuute. Anyway, I got there at about 10-ish and he was already waiting for me at the play area. I told him the 'sunshine is gorgeous, we'll just walk home'....and he cheerfully agreed. Nice kid! It was rather quite a fantastic morning. We picked some hibiscus (aka Gumamela) along the way for his mom...and then I treated him with some popsicles for doing a great job in walking home with me....hahahahah!! I dunno if that makes sense! haha!

Also, I've learned some new tricks on photoshop and I am happy with the results below... Tell me what you think....I am dying to hear your comments! :]

I love Hibiscus..

Dang! dang! whoop! whoop! Big thanks to Bee Yum for reading! My dashboard says ' Youve got a new follower!' YAAAAAAAAAYYYY!! That made me happy...thanks much for droppin by.... :) Have a nice one lovelies!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're welcome ") I love your blog, it's awesome!! and the photo is awesome.

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