Thursday, July 9, 2009

fantastic blog header!!

I just woke up to pee and when I checked my mail, this awesome blog header popped like a Christmas present!! AAAAAARRGHHHH!!! I wish you can hear my heartie thump with excitement now. You see, I have been toying on Photoshop for days trying to make a decent blog header and my attempts were futile. It was....a disaster so to speak..LOL. However, Santa dropped me a pressie last night and I really loved it.

I want to thank Mat for rocking my site! :) I love the lil embellishing that he put on the header...sooo cuuute and funky at the same time. I did not tell him what to do or what I like, but I always trust his judgment and he nailed it!! Arrgghh!! :) And it matches my pink fonts too!!! AARRRGHHHH!!! sooooo purtee!!!! :)) I love it! I love it! I luuuuuuurve it!!

it took me days to make this crap...

it only took Mat 45 minutes to create this gorgeous thing..

Just a quick plug, Mat is having his digital art exhibit on the 17th of July. Please see details here. I am really excited for him. :) x \o/ If you're near his area, please drop by and see his works!

Anywaaaaay, I need to go back to sleeep now. x Have a nice day lovelies!

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