Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hearty brooches and then some..

Hullooo! Today, I feel exultant for several reasons........ :))
First of all, I have again constructed a dress out of an old round table cloth and the remaining half of the vest top that I used from my last project and here is the result......

Don't you just wanna swirl??? :) I was telling my sis that this is totally my 'dream skirt'! hahahahah! I dunno...I have always been drawn to anything ethno or boho.....I think that's the kind of style that fits my personality the most. Plus! swirly skirts are just lovely and very comfortable and they sway every time you walk..hihi. pretty!

MOving forward, does this necklace look familiar to you? :)

AAAARRRRRGHHH!! I got my parcel today from lovely Laura of A Daisy Chain Dream.....aaaahhhh...sweet! I was beaming with joy as I opened the package! Thank you sooooo much Laurie! Am soo happy!

Lastly........................As promised to post something heart themed in line with Valentines, here's my new DIY brooches. YAAAAYYY!!

Aren't they cute??? They reminded me of jellybeans! hahahahaha! AAAAAAARRGHH!
Here's how you make it:

Materials: stashed fabrics (preferrably felt), scissors, thread, buttons, needle, safety pins, fillings (fiber fill or you can use cotton)

First is to draw a heart template on a piece of paper then cut it along with your fabric. Obviously, you'll need two pieces of hearties. Do a simple running stitch along the edges and leave a hole just enough for you to insert the fillings. Once filled, continue with your stitch to finish.

Above is how you keep the pin in place. :)

For cuter results, you may sew a button on top or stitch your friend's name or whatever. :) Savvy?? Yay!

Happy midweek!
Kiki Jellybeans

brooches will be included in the upcoming giveaway. :)


daisychain said...

the brooches are so cute and your skirt is perfect!

so glad you like the necklace :)

Shibby said...

Those brooches are very cute! :)
Looking forward to your giveaway!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...


Jen said...

Such a wonderful, crafty post! Love the skirt and love your brooches. I want one!

Lottie said...

love the diy! the skirt is beautiful!

Julia said...

I love skirts that swing as I walk too, they're so much fun! I love the necklace you got from Laura.


Dane said...

I love the skirt, I would wear that ever day here x

MJ said...

Love the swishy skirt - makes me sad for the fact it's still FREEZING here!

Stéphanie said...

Everything is adorable !

* Reena Rai * said...

That is such a swirly fun skirt!! Love the necklace too x

Jess said...

Oh these are so adorable and perfect for Valentine's Day!

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