Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday bits and pieces

Yo ho me hearties! It's midweek! YAY! and am off from work in the next 3 days... :) I haven't decided where am going just yet, but I feel like tramping around the countryside! ha! we'll see if i don't get too's either that, or a DVD marathon in the days to come. Speaking of movie marathon, I watched Pirates of the Carib trilogy the other night and I just realized how much I love Davy Jones! :) arrrgh! Yes! more than Jack Sparrow! In actual fact, i've found some really nice prints of him online that I wish to print and stick on my wall. Savvy?

Anyway...........moving doing "what's in my bag?" today. :) I think everybody knows the rules. I don't have much worth sharing but nonetheless here they are in no particular order:

1. umbrella- nasty rains come and go....dont get caught unprepared!
2. Rayban wayfarers- 90% of the time, PI is sunny as the carribean
3. Elizabeth arden glasses - am suffering from occasional astigmatism and migraine.
4. Hallmark datebook - my obsessive compulsive sister gave this to me so i can jot down important dates and not forget about them....ha! i havent written anything on it yet.
5. Disney Mp4 - this lil thing is 4 gig....can you believe it?? good it's cute.
6. cigarrettes- smoking is dangerous to your health. Take a closer look on the right pack......MARLBORO SACHET! Yes, only in the Philippines. Five sticks for 10pesos. ;)
7. M.A.C. 6 palette eyeshadow
8. Chapstick
9. The Body Shop Born Lippy lip balm
10. Revlon lipstick
11. The Body Shop liquid eyeliner
12. compact mirror
13. ballpen
14. that little rainbow pouch is where i keep all the cosmetics
15. Greenapple notebook - its nothing like Moleskines, but this will do for the moment. AND its acid free. :) I doodle a the bus, or the train, in the middle of a call, before sleep, etc... most of them are non sense, believe me.

Sometimes I'd sit and just doodle the first thing that comes into my mind just like the one above. Ive got plenty of that....hahhaahahah! You'll ocassionaly find them on my wrist too. :)

Lovely day ahead mateys!

ps. am posting a giveaway very soon.


Shibby said...

Yay to days off =) Enjoy whatever you decide to do and I will be majorly jealous if you go around the countryside but I'm sure you'll get some wonderful pictures if you go :)
Thanks for the birthday wishes =)

daisychain said...

I am randomly jealous of your marlboro sachet! Haha. I could do with those for sticking in my pocket at work!

You should get your necklace soon, I mailed it last week x

Eri said...

Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

Love what is in bag posts! Nosey, me?

See you soon.


MJ said...

Hahah I've scheduled a 'what's in my notebook post' for tomorrow morning! Great minds, etc etc...

Ansley said...

Cute doodles! And sunglassesss

onefrozenmargarita said...

ooohhhh whered you get your mickey mouse mp4? sooo cute.

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