Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Ruins

Hellooo lovelies! I am so back! Just got home last night and am still exhausted as hell. I haven't even unpacked my stuff yet..I can't be bothered. ARGH! Heheheh. The whole trip was fantastic by the way. There's nothing more comforting than being with your family and your good 'ol friends. :) I sure do miss my hometown..

Anyway, I've been aching to show you this really nice place called The Ruins. It's an old mansion situated in the middle of a sugarcane plantation. It's bourgoeis owners were left with no choice but to burn it during WWII to prevent the Japanese from using it as their headquarters.

It's one of the best ancestral homes I have ever seen in the Philippines. The cement used was said to be of the finest quality from France (if am not mistaken) and was mixed with egg whites to give a smooth and shiny finish. Egg whites!!! Bloody ell!

Did you notice the "shell-like" thingys on top? Amazing.

The landscape had been revived over the years. I was soooo tempted to do some forward rolls in that gorgoeus lawn! Hahahaha!

How's everybody? :)


Shibby said...

Being around family and friends is always good :) Glad you had a good time.
That's a stunning mansion I would have wanted to do forward rolls too would have been very hard to resist:)

daisychain said...

wow, how stunning!

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