Sunday, November 8, 2009


Watching... much of HGTV.....mostly food network, home improvement reality series like Clean House, Color Splash, Freestyle, How Clean is Your House?. I am also addicted to Ace of Cakes, Everyday Italian, Barefoot Contessa, Quick Fix Meals, Throwdown with Bobby Flay and Oliver's Twist. Arrggh.. I love Jamie Oliver above all, 'cept that he speaks rather quite peculiar.

Reading... Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft. Before Stephen Kings, there was H.P. Lovecraft. :)

Sewing... 4 pieces of pillow cases.. I should be able to finish it later this afternoon. YAY!

Wanting... to hit the beach but weather does not permit.. :( ugh. Frustrating.

Trying... to let go of someone whom I'm truly madly deeply in love with, but unfortunately is 7826 miles away from me... :( how nasty can fate be??

How about you? How have you been lately?

I've seen a couple of bloggers hosting this sort of 'game'...but i feel like i can't wait till month end to post something like, I'll just do it whenever, okay? :)

1 comment:

Shibby said...

Thanks for your comment :)
That's sad that distance gets in the way :( hugs
The weather is very frustrating I hope you get to the beach soon

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