Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anti Theft Lunch Bag

Hiyeeeeeeee! I apologize for my lack of posts. I have been utterly busy these last few days, packing for my upcoming trip. I'm goin home (south of PI) to spend a week with my family! YAAAAAAYYYY!!! I cannot wait to see my nephews and my brothers. The whole vacation would be fantastic I hope. We've got a couple of things lined up already....that includes frolicking in the beach of course! I'd also be visiting some places where I spent most of my childhood weekends. :)) YAY! I am just overly excited. I promise to take tons of photos. Hopefully I don't forget my camera charger or that would be a total piss off! Heheeheh!

Anywaaaaaaay, I just saw an ingenious design on how to keep your lunch from being stolen! Icky--YES!! but totally hilarious. :) Hihihihi... In actual fact, I find it rather COOL. \m/


Shibby said...

Thanks for your comment
Have an awesome time =)

daisychain said...

omg those are too cool!

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