Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bits and pieces..

My long over due holiday beach trip has been cancelled yet again because of the horrible storms that had lambasted PI for the last couple of months and this weekend is no different. I am just utterly disappointed. I packed my stuff Thursday, only to find out that typhoon Santi's expected landfall was Saturday. :( Boooooo! So much for my sunshine frolic... *sigh* I spent the whole day indoors doing my nephew's nails instead! Hahahahahahh! :) They're my baby dolls! HAHAHAHAHAHH!

And to make myself a lil bit more productive... I decided to sew a dainty case for our throw pillows, while the strong winds knocked over our neighbor's fence... How nice.

I hoped everyone had a sunny and warm weekend.... consider me jealous. xxx


Shibby said...

Gutted the weather destroyed your planned weekend on the beach :(
The rain is pouring down here too, makes me want to stay snuggled up warm in bed :)

daisychain said...

I love the pillow case, so cute.

Anonymous said...

Stop making Miggy gay! Hehehheeee :) xxx

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