Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Birthday Wishlist

1) off shoulder top - i dunnoo...i just love off shoulder tops these days.....and it would be a funky cover up when i hit the BEACH this summer!

2) steve madden t-strap pumps - AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! i soooooo love this one. Grey is really cool and red is funky! I need to have this...gee..

3) moleskine - or any leather bound journal notebook! AAARRGHH! i love to doodle a lot...

4) kovea camping stove - I apparently lost mine.....actually lent it to someone and I couldnt remember who it was! silly me. I am used to being self-sufficient whenever I camp out and it's never easy without your own equipment. I used to have Kovea Camp 1...its really tiny! I think it only cost about 1,200php about 5 years ago. ARRGHHH!! I prefer MSR stoves more but if youre on a tight budget, Kovea ones are just fine by me. :)) Yippeeee!

Or a long hand letter from good friends.....things that are handmade.....or anything at all. :)

1 comment:

L.T. said...

Off the shoulder tops are attractive ;)

L.T. @

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