Saturday, August 8, 2009

New haircut..

Unhappy. *sigh* That's what I am now... and the weather aint helping at all. The skies were as gloomy as my mood. It's a lonesome weekend for me. I went to do a short overtime at work this morning to keep me distracted from things I dont want to think about at the moment....but as soon as I got home, I started sulking again. :( So I went out and got a haircut instead. I kind of do this whenever I'm upset. I was hoping it'd lift my mood even just for a bit....and i think Im happy with the results.

top: abercrombie and fitch shorts: American eagle (YES, I am wearing shorts in this photo!! It looks like im not though..hehe) necklace: diy

I really didnt have anything in mind when the stylist asked what sort of cut I wanted... I was totally spaced out. I later realized, I got a Suri Cruise hairstyle! Hehe. which is fine by me.. I love it. I really am a short-haired-girl ever since. Ive never really grown my hair long past my shoulders. Uhh....actually, I think I have... once when I was in college, then had it knotted into dreadlocks till it reached my waist. Everybody thought I was nuts. I looked cool though. MIssin my dreadies now.. *sigh*

Anywaaaay....please check out my new necklace. It ain't for sale...but I can make you one if you fancy it. :) Just email me at

I dunno if its made of brass or what...but I definitely love the intricate and classic design on the pendant.

Voila!! Its a watch too!! :)) AAARRGHH!!! Isnt it lovely???

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