Monday, August 17, 2009

Bedroom Matters

Here are my top picks on the latest Country Living bedroom designs. :) All of which have one common denominator..... spacious airy windows. I love to wake up in the morning with the sun beaming on my face and I also like the effects of wind blown curtains. Ahhhhhh....heaven. :) I, at the moment, is struggling with my own bedroom. It has no proper ventilation or what not so I know what it is like without a window. The only window I got is facing our kitchen which is kind of weird really. The way this apartment was constructed is a complete bullocks. So if ever I move out, one of these bedrooms would definitely be my inspiration. I've also realized how totally drawn I am to white walls lately. I love the serene feeling it gives me....not boring, but rather peaceful and neat.

This pink room here is my most favorite. The colorful draped blanket and the striking red throw pillows shows my outgoing personality and the pastels....well, my girlie, quiet side. :)

I can see myself sharing this bedroom with someone special...I love this one very much too. I adore the paisley bed cover, white walls, chandelier.... aaahhh...breakfast in bed!

I dont like the wallpaper of this room, but i love the fact that its white and soooo...I dunno. Its peaceful. :)

There's only one thing I like in this bedroom, and that is the funky pink lampshade! AAARRGHH! its sooo cute! The rest...well, I dont like the bed covers nor the yellow walls.

Which one do you like? :) Goodnight everyone...

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