Sunday, July 19, 2009

sunday night

I was browsing skinnies and pinnies earlier and she did a short movie review on Amelie. Have you seen this film yet? I remember some time last year, my good friend Mat sent me a parcel containing Amelie dvd and some nail varnish and face masks!!! :)) He basically introduced me to this wonderful french movie and I adored it so much. I just watched it again tonight and its still gave me that feel-good vibes after. Ahhhh...and I so love Amelie's quirky 'do!! I might cut my bangs even shorter...hihihi.

Anywaaaay, just trying to amuse myself before bedtime. I saw this on facebook. I tag anybody who wishes to post this thing on their blogs..x

Swam in freezing water: Ohh yeaah! skinny dipping in freezing water...brrr...
Jumped off a house: uhh....i think not.
Been attacked: in what sense? attacked by ants and leeches, yes.
Been on a plane: lots of times
Gotten injured: nothing not that clumsy.
Bungee jumped: i intend to...
White water rafted: Yes. In Sabah, Malaysia about 3 years ago. They've got one of the fiercest river in Southeast Asia. :) Im quite happy i've conquered that one....ill check out some photos and will post it here soon.
Broken a bone: just my little pinky...its a bit crooked until now..other than that, nope.
Lied about your age: i dunno...maybe!
Been in a hot air balloon: i wish!
Stolen anything?: yeaaah...uhhh...gate numbers, gig posters, hot sauce (resto)...just for FUN! heheheheh!
Been drunk before noon?: ohh yess...due to our work schedule, we usually go out early in the morning and drink until gawd knows when.
Had sex in a public place?: next question please..
Got caught telling a lie?: i guess so..
Got a speeding ticket: dont know how to drive, seriously. what a shame eh?!! hahahahahah!! i think im a reckless driver so I didnt bother learning..
Been arrested: never.
Littered: Yes.
Cheated on a test: what's a student's life without cheating??
Failed a class: uhuh..I flunked my Filipino class in uni...hahahahahha!
Stuck gum under a desk: YES.
Wished you were someone else: I think im happy with who i am....
Cried during a movie: yess i do...even on movies you less expect people to uhh Bee Movie!! lol..

Goodnight! x

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