Saturday, July 18, 2009


If there's one place Id rather be now......arrrggh...definitely Loggerheads checking out my friend's art exhibit. :( I am on some of his works which will be featured on tonight's opening...i had so much fun doing these for him.


The sun is out this morning....and for that I am happy! It has been raining here ridiculously for the past couple of about climate change...geez.

Its saturday...I dont know what's in stored for me. Ive got a bunch of new dvd's to watch. I might just curl up in bed and do that. *sigh*

I might see Harry Potter.

I am craving for..........nachos with lots of beef, salsa and melted cheese......ARRRGHH!!! yumyumyum!

This cartoonish photo of MJ amuses me at the moment....hehehehe...funny!

Arent ostriches the dumbest looking creature ever????? hahahahahahahahah!! And how on earth do they walk on those feet????!!! hahahahahahahaha!!! cheeezzzzz duuuuuude!!! AAARRGHH!!


Forgive my incoherence. I am utterly bored you see. x But Im wishing everyone a lovely day ahead...bye bye for now.

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