Monday, May 18, 2009

Some female truths...

Women may appear illogical, complicated, and impossibly chaotic on almost all aspects of life especially love, but I’m here to tell you that there IS a reason behind the madness. Women are logical....its just that, we have different sets of expectations and fears than most guys do.

Here are some truths on how most women think based on my personal experience and the endless Sex and the City marathon:

-women love compliments
-women should be put on pedestals, praised and short, attention sucker.
-when a woman says "No!" she really means "Yes!" -- except, of course, when she means "NO!"
-women wants to feel secured in a relationship
-women are paranoid by nature
-women are sensitive and over emotional

And the list goes on....some may blame it to hormones, some to full moon madness, and others..well..."this is just how we are made". I really dont know why we are like these. I'm confused as you are. Sometimes I wish I process thru my logic and not my emotions. That makes you more stable and less erratic I guess.....less crazy.

Having said that, I still think women are the most wonderful things in the entire world. We are the most precious element that the world could ever know (guys have a special role of their own as well & ill write about it some other time). Everything from the way we talk, move, walk, sigh, laugh, cuddle you, squeeze you, hug, caress, smell, taste, you know we're fantastic! If youre male, and you beg to disagree, then its time for gender assessment. I reckon youre one of us.

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