Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Christmas Wishlist

I dont fancy anything huuuge for christmas except maybe a trip out of PI, preferrably Thailand and Cambodia, or a very cool DSLR camera, if not, brackets for my teeth will do. Christmas isnt a big thing anymore like it used to. I know someone who wouldnt celebrate it even for heckness sake. Hihihi..

Nonetheless, I made a short wish list for those who want to "give love on christmas day"!!! woohoo!

1) ipod/PSP - im not a huge fan of Mac but my orange-rubber coated-sports junkie-mp3 player aint too good anymore and man its friggin obsolete!!! i think ipod or PSP would be cool for my roadtrippin'. :)

2) Gossip girl season 2 - if youre on a budget, you can get me season 2 of gossip girl (or America's next top model cycle 11) in Quiapo for 60 pesos!! hahaha! and id be damn happy with it..

3) nice yummy lotion - i dunno, i frequent the mall but i always fail to get me a decent yummy lotion. I want something sweet scented like orange or lime (or so I thought orange and lime are sweet scented! hahahhaha). Anyway, I can leave the house without combing my hair but NOT without moisturizing my skin. A lot of people doesnt know im this vain. I am a lotion freak!! I want lotion! geezz....hahahhah!! And pleaaaaase dont get me Jergens! I hate Jergens.

4) pair of wedge shoes - yesssss!!!

5) a long hand letter from good friends and from someone very special who's away forever - *sigh* This will truly warm my heart. I still believe that the best gifts can never be bought off the shelf.

6) pinay bikini - you know its summer everyday in PI and I want to get one of those bikinis from Yabang Pinoy, brown, medium, arrrrrrrrrr!! hahahhahah!! to check what Im talking about, please visit

That's it for now...I cant think of anything else at the moment. :) Peace out.

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