Friday, October 24, 2008

I am back..

Its been a month of hiatus.....and guess what??? I am back to being single. Argggh. After a year of finally came to an end. :( Im still in terrible pain. But I guess I just need to accept that some things in life are just not meant to happen, no matter how much you try. :( Like any other break-ups, this shall pass too. *sigh* Soonest I hope.

I am still on that trough, low key, disintrested mode though. But Im trying my best to put myself back together and not dwell on things that is over and done. Ive got soooo many things in mind right many things I have put aside to give way for that relationship. I just wanna move on and do the things I am happy about. For one, I'm planning to go tramping all over P.I. in preparation for my long over-due solo trip to Cambodia-Vietnam-Thailand. I'm doing so much overtime at work lately to save nuff for this trip. I cannot wait.

Going back to being sappy, I have realised that from now on, Id rather evade human intimacy (such as friendship and romantic relationships) than be bothered by the messy emotional baggage that comes along with it. I guess I'd be fine being alone. It's better to have people only at arms more closer than you'll remain unscathed if someday they'll decide to just walk off of your life. :(

Let me be acrid for awhile...

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