Tuesday, September 9, 2008

cabin fever?

I am feelin the blues lately. I wouldnt classify it as depression really....just sort of numbness and disinterest in everything. Ive noticed that i easily get irritated about lil things i dont normally care about. Maybe because i stay at home too much...i dunno! Like after work id go straight home and just mope in front of the laptop or sometimes just sleep the whole day through...even on weekends! Nothin interests me. Arrrrrgh!! Swear. I am not interested in goin out. Mat said i should go out....even just a quick trip to the mall...get somethin nice to eat...or anythin like it. He was worried i'll catch cabin fever . Its a slang term used when a person is isolated or enclosed in a room for a long period of time. I checked wikipedia only to find out i have two of the symptoms of cabin fever: irritability and over sleeping!!!!! omggg!! dang dang whooop whoop!!

I dunno if its just normal or if its already becoming unhealthy. Or maybe am just tired. I used to go out a lot especially on weekends. But now, i dont think i even have the energy to get my laundry done or cut my bangs or paint my nails...hehehe. Plus, goin out means spending, and am always just a notch above broke. Arrrggh...so many things to sort. Being jobless for a month and a half didnt help at all. It brought great damage to my social life instead! :(


Anyway, yesterday was Biscuit's birthday!! Yaaayyyy!! we spend the night just chillin... That's one of 'em sweet things that we do on a daily basis....CHILL. hahahahha!! x Happy Birthday to you baby!! Gaaaaawd knows how much i love you..<3

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